beat on th stage. bad to th maxxs. hufft. tonite ihvbeen chnge a surbperwomannnnn hahaha use hijab *gawene ngawur tapi, wedges, long skirt, and snglassess. how waria i am -__- as nite as female. pogo pogo-ing in ska dance. and look you....... yeah you. far but near. near but far.iam too afraid to call "hey brooo" hehe. the final of show, i told homeeyyy, because mymom callinng ang texting me many time huhhhhh padahal wes kate mari i looo, malesii. now im be a silentkillr and a wedok stud.  MAAAXXX DAAAA SOOOUUNNDDD!! tomorrw is red, babu-ing timee-_- hw pty iam (@ haasya's castle) wes sekian lofyuuuuuu.