Stick Fruit / Vegetable and spinach chips

 Stick Fruit / Vegetable and spinach chips
berbagai  produk dari Snack Doea Toejoeh 27 dan masih banyak yang lainnya
various of snack products Doea Toejoeh 27 and many others
Stick Fruit / Vegetable and spinach chips that utilize a traditional processed agricultural products are dominant in the area is poor and sekiarnya plant spinach, carrots, celery, purple sweet potatoes, peppers and fruits that are in season or raw materials are easily available.

Processing fruits and vegetables combined with protein ingredients and carbohydrate to become healthy snacks and nibbles suitable for families and relationships.

Snack Doea Toejoeh 27 is present in the package that suits your needs, served at home or taken away as gifts for relatives. Available packaging is 200 g, 150 g and 100 g.Anda also can buy retail and wholesale, shipping costs depending remotely close and heavy goods.
Snack Doea Toejoeh distributed in stores Gift Center in Malang and surrounding areas even outside the island of Java.

Stik Buah / Sayur
Stick Fruit / Vegetable

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