First of all, I would like to thank God, Allah SWT, for His mercy and blessing, so that I can finish my final assignment in this semester punctually.
            Secondly, let me say bunch of thanks for all the people who have supported me in finishing this final paper, they are:
·         Drs. Supriyono, M.Si as the Headmaster of Public Senior High School 1 Malang.
·         All of English teachers in Public Senior High School 1 Malang, especially Drs. Bambang Tri Bagio and Dra. Djoewariyah for his guidance and support in completing this final paper.
·         Ms. Laura who has helped and guided me, so that I am not only able to finish it punctually, but also learn a lot about English.
·         My parents and my friends who always support me until this final paper complete.
This paper contains six chapters consisting of the article and its source, vocabulary parts, paragraph and structure analysis, and the other parts of English skill application. This text tells about the negative point of nuclear power rather than its benefit. In order to have a best work for this final paper, I started reading the article over and over until I understand what the author is trying to deliver. Then I continued to the next chapters gradually-one chapter at one time.
I choose this text as I am a student of science program. Moreover, I hope this paper will be useful to many people, especially me to enhance my English skill be better.    

Malang, 26 February 2014

Hasya Aghnia